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Name: Kai Finkelmann 

Residence: Germany

Year of birth: 2000

Bike: Koga Worldtraveler

Riding period: August, 12th to October, 31st 2023

Most favourite part:

The Northern Section is the best for riding. The endless roads through nature on traffic free, quiet ways with good gravel.

You really calm down if you are out there for several days. It was a great experience when you are there alone for several days.

On the other hand the south is a real adventure. You don’t know what is coming next. The trail changes his character after every hill. From the desert you drive troue forests and savane.

It is challenging and you really find out what you are capable of. And the feeling of standing on top after a very hard climb is hard to describe.

But the most favorite part is the interaction with other people you meet on this trail.

Other riders, EDT riders, locals and random strangers.

Random thoughts: 

Take every hill seriously.

As long as you move forward everything is fine, speed doesn’t matter.

It is definitely possible with a touring bike and 45mm tyres. Ride the bike that you like most.

You just have to hike a bit more but on the scale of the trail it doesn’t matter.

Better safe than sorry.

The Schwalbe Marathon is great. 3 flats over 7600km are a good quote.

Grense Jakobseelv is more beautiful than Cabo da Sao Vicente.

Instagram: Kai F. (@massives_holz) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Kai’s trip in pictures

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