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Name: Carolin Witzendorff

Residence: Germany

Year of birth: 1997

Bike: Kona Sutra LTD

Riding period: early July 2023 – mid November 2023 (north to south)

Most favourite part:

● the starting point in Norway
● Ammerån naturreservat in Sweden
● the beaches in Denmark
● Lüneburger Heide in Germany
● Vosges and Jura mountains in France
● Catalonian mountains, Montañas vacías (Aliaga) and of course Sierra de
Cazorla in Spain
● the coastal parts in Portugal

Random thoughts: 

● Looking back, I’m really happy I did it. Being in the experience, it sometimes
felt different. But sometimes it was more than I could put in words.

● Never felt as strong before, never felt as weak before.

● It was always a highlight meeting someone who was doing the same thing (so
many nice people doing the EDT).

● Also it was beautiful meeting many, many friendly and welcoming people
along the trail. I wish I had even more time to stay longer in their world.

● Seeing friends and family always felt like coming home for a moment before

● Before this trip, I already knew that I don’t like riding in the rain. After three
weeks of rain in the North, what can I say? I still don’t like it.

● Getting to the top of the Grand Colombier was surreal.

● I tried to take as many breaks as possible, eat as many pastries as possible
and ride as few kilometers as necessary. No shame in the being-slow-game.

● I’m glad I could share this experience with someone.

● Recommendation, recommendation: Riding only in sandals was actually
pretty practical in wetlands – and will also leave a unique tan on your feet!

● Still can’t do a flying mount…

Caroline’s trip in pictures

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