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Before you fill in the contact form, stop and think for a moment and read this first:

This route is the work of one person who has made this almost entirely for free. There is only one person who will answer you question, and that person is usually out finding new routes to add to the European Divide Trail Network, so if you want to take up my time with your questions, then that time won’t be put into adding to this network.

So with that in mind, answer these questions yourself:

Is this something I can find out myself?

Have I read the FAQ?

Have I been onto the Komoot collection page or the page, or could I post my question to the Facebook group?

If this is about a person missing on the route, then I’m afraid I can’t help you. Please contact the relevant authorities, or you’re welcome to post on the Facebook group.

If this is an enquiry about why the route doesn’t go through a certain country, then perhaps it will do in the future, but you are welcome to make your own route through your own country for now.

If this is really important then I’ll try to answer as soon as I can, but if this is just an enquiry that you can find the answer for yourself using Google, then please do that. I’m often riding in remote places with little or no internet access, and your own phone is a powerful tool, so use it to find the answer yourself. Please don’t harass the supporting partners of this project if you don’t get an answer to your request, they know nothing of the route details themselves.