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What bike should I ride?

Ideally 50mm tyres minimum just due to the vast array of surfaces you’ll encounter. Gravel, MTB, bikepacking, plus tyres, fat tyres, tandems, full suspension, no suspension, drop bars, flat bars, even a touring bike are all possible on parts or all of the route. It’s mostly non technical, but it’s not all smooth gravel, so go prepared with strong components, but lightweight luggage due to the amount of climbing involved, especially in the southern section. Just make sure the bike is comfortable for you! 

When to ride? 

South to North: Early April, although it can be still cold and snowy in Spain, especially up high, in the spring. Avoid high summer.

North to South: late May is possible, although it depends on the year and amount of snow they’ve had. 

Where can I stay/buy refuel …? 

If you plan to ride some or all of this route I feel you need to be able to discover the things yourself. You’ll see from the GPS track where the town’s are, so I’d highly recommend a smart phone and a means of charging it so you can see when shops/accommodation are open, where they are and what they might have that you need. This is meant to be an adventure, so go exploring! 

Can I take my horse/motorcycle/unicycle/ect …?

Each section and country are so different that you need to decide for yourself what is the best form of transport for you and whether it’s legal to use on the trails. There’s no right or wrong way to ride this route as long as you stick to the roles and regulations of country you‘re in. 

Will there be a race? 

I theory, yes. But the practical side of it is much more than just seeing a date, opening it up to applications and then seeing off. Watch this space.