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Name: Nicolas Ferret, Julien Salazar

Residence: France / United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1994

Bike: Marin Headlands

Riding period: 3. July – 20. September 2024

Most favourite part:

Thought it was France but eventually Spain by far for its coffees and the long sunny rides

Random thoughts: 

* So pleased to have the possibility to share those awesome moments with Julien

* I’ve never eaten so much. Candies are gasoline. 

* Embrace the rain 

* Enjoy 

* Take it slow 

* Fxcking neck pain

There is no escaping the horseflies in Sweden, do not get to distracted by them though

* I remember crossing that French guy cycling to North Cape in the Middle of nowhere in Sweden who told us “I’ve thought about this EDT too but I don’t see the point, it doesn’t make any sense. It is fat better to go to North Cape.”. Well this is food for thought – no regret

* It’s ok to take few days to pause when you are in great places. Take some time to visit and talk to the locals. It’s not a race and you will definitely remember these moments

* You need to try the Radler in spain


Nicolas’ and Julien’s trip in pictures

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