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Name: Janos Göttert

Residence: Germany

Year of birth: 1995

Bike: All-City Gorilla Monsoon with 2.35 tires

Riding period: Early July until mid November

Most favourite part: : I would have said the northern part if we hadn’t experienced 3 weeks of cold rain, but it still was nice spending so much time in the forest. I also enjoyed the coastline in Denmark and riding through the Lüneburger Heide during its heyday felt really special. Other than that Jura, Ardeche, Manresa Region, Montañas Vacías, Sierras de Cazorla and reaching the Atlantic at sunset. Aaaand taking a detour to visit my 90 year old grandma

Random thoughts: 

it’s not over until it’s over

this view was worth the climb (was it?)

some days are just rainy days

am I getting hungry?

serpentines are actually fun (those roadies aren’t that wrong)

people are really friendly

it’s not the best trail for overlanding

cows make good trail buddies

lets get that competitiveness out of non-competitive cycling

follow your instinct

we forgot to lube the chain (again)

maybe this night my bike gets stolen and i can start vanlife (after a hard day at least)

The trail was the larger part of a 8 months cycling trip through Europe and it brought me places which I would have never considered with a loaded bike. Sometimes I found it really hard. Most of the time it was really beautiful. Having no time limit felt like a privilege but also made it more difficult in terms of trying to maintain a focus. Simultaneously, cruising through Denmark and Germany without a self-chosen time pressure was one of the best experiences.


Janos’ trip in pictures

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