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Name: Anders Lyk-Jensen 

Residence: Denmark

Year of birth: 2001

Bike: Standert Erdgeschoss

Riding period: April 1st to June 31st (south to north)

Most favourite part:

Sweden and Spain. Sweden for the endless forests and perfect dirt roads. Spain for the mountains and people.

Random thoughts: 

For the majority of the trail, it never felt like I was doing something extraordinary. The whole tour experience becomes a new kind of normal after just a few weeks. The only thing that really broke the day to day rhythm of riding, eating, setting up and packing down my camp was entering a new country and having to find my new favorite foods for the coming weeks. Tips for other riders considering tackling the trail: Use warmshowers as much as possible, especially if you’re going on your own. And remember, there is no such thing as too easy gearing.


Anders’trip in pictures

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