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Name: Fabrice Boone 

Residence: Australia

Year of birth: 1964

Bike: Heavily modified KTM Myroon

Riding period: May, June, July, August 2023 starting form Portugal.

Most favourite part:

The whole thing. The EDT is a brilliant kaleidoscope of Western Europ. As always, the more remote it gets the better it gets (for me at least!!!!) Each country had a strong identity of its own, it’s great attributes, and its shortcomings too.

Random thoughts: 

In the early 90’s, when I rode Sydney to Paris with my partner,  long distance cycling was the very best way to see the world. I am delighted that in 2023 Bike packing, which for me is an evolution of touring, only much better again, has remained a prime way to travel. The reasons would be too many to write about here as the list goes on. The EDT was a truly awesome ride that GPS has made possible, a major advancement for navigation….couldn’t think of completing such a trip with paper maps ( although I love them and they are much better for large scale planning). Over the past 15 month I have bike packed  the US Great Divide( GDMBR) , the Tour Aotearoa (New Zeland)  and the Hunt 1000 (Australia). The EDT was my favorite out of the 4. The variety of terrains and cycling surfaces ( from fantastic rail trails to utterly unrideable sections that got me swearing in 5 languages! ), the amazing and constantly changing of food, drinks and  languages  on the way and I could go on, not forgetting trail angels that invite you in for the night if you’re lucky, and other riders you meet and have a good talk and laugh with. Train for it, plan well ( 2.1 inch tyres for me) , have enough cash ( Scandinavia OMG!!!) AND DO IT!


Fabrice’s trip in pictures

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