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Name: Kenneth Frederiksen 

Residence: Denmark

Year of birth: 1996

Bike: Salsa Fargo

Riding period: June 6th to August 20th 2023

Most favourite part:

Spain. Every single day here was filled with beautiful mountains, fun gravel, and lots of sunshine! Have you ever found deep silence and peace in your life? If you want to taste this, then spend a night at Refugio Campo del Espino. 

Stage 33. From 171 km to 238 km. WOW, so beautiful!

Random thoughts: 

You can’t escape the mosquitoes in Sweden. Just buy mosquito repellent!

Is ice cream a diet? 

Don’t set up your tent next to an anthill. Those little devils will eat everything. 

Every time you’re about to cycle over a hill or a pass, take a break, look back now. Enjoy the view, continue over the top, and go full speed down! Repeat.

If you miss your friends, family, or partner, take a weekend trip to Paris with them. You can take the train from Valence to Paris in just 2 hours.


Kenneth’s trip in pictures

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