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Name: Rebekka Wiedener

Residence: Germany

Year of birth: 1998

Bike: two speed 29” QX #rgb mountain unicycle

Riding period: May, 12th 2023 to 20th of August, 20th 2023

Carzola to Balazote, Stage 33

Random thoughts: 

The EDT would have not been the same without all the fellow bikepackers I met and rode with along the way. This is really what made that trail to the amazing experience it was.

And a popular question I got asked along the way was why do the EDT on a unicycle? Well, I actually never considered doing the EDT with two wheels beforehand and I enjoy riding unicycles more than bikes. But there were times where I was very jealous about the low gears on bikes. But they were outweight by the advantage of my ‘mountain wheelbarrow’ on hike-a-bikes. Overall, saving the weight of the second wheel did not make the EDT easier but definitely unique.


Becky’s trip in pictures

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