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Name: Kieran Payne 

Residence: United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1999

Bike: Specialized Diverge 

Riding period: June 9th to August 9th 2023

Most favourite part: For camping – Sweden and Denmark. Such a treat after a long day of gravel-crunching (or sand-sliding) goodness to be able to wash in a pristine lake and sleep in a shelter fully stocked with fire wood…although a little confusing when you wake up to the sun high overhead at 3AM! For riding – Spain, particularly the Aragon region. Stunning scenery and deep-orange dirt tracks, which are much appreciated after the more technical Jura and Vosges in France. Feels stuck in time and following trails between towns in the shadow of centuries-old castles you might imagine yourself as a messenger on horseback headed for the next kingdom!  

Random thoughts: 

Listen to the trail. When the moose won’t budge off the road ahead, it’s time to pitch the tent. Seen a bear and your adrenaline is through the roof (even though they’re super shy)? Then it’s time for a big day. And if you’ve had a few days of tough hike-a-bike, don’t fear, the Via Verde can’t be far! 

If you see another EDTer in the north, try not to be so happy to see that you fall over!

Moa and her rubarber ice cream in Sweden are to die for. Remember there’s always a nicer Swedish summer house round the corner though, so don’t pick the perfect one too soon!

Remember if it’s Saturday, stock up on food as supermarkets will be closed tomorrow. Unless you’re in Spain, then hit the local bar for a bocadillo and a morning pint; most likely the whole town will be in there!


Kieran’s trip in pictures

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