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Name: Joao Pedro Pereira 

Residence: Portugal

Year of birth: 1990

Bike: Specialized Diverge Comp E5 

Riding period: : 2nd June to 12th August 2023

Most favourite part:

I started this trail with my father. At 60 years of age he is in a really good shape. Unfortunately sequelas of a crash in Germany prevented him to finish it. It was fantastic to share part of this experience with him. It was the first time in Scandinavia for both of us and to be able to see all those infinite forests in perfect communion with the lakes was quite special!

Every single place had its own magic and beauty, but the top position has to go to Pyrenees!! It is simply breathtaking the beauty of that place. 

Another place that is worth mentioning is Sierra de Cazorla! I just wanted to explore every little corner of those mountais.

And of course…. Portugal! My home country. It still amazes me how beautiful my little country is. The arrival at Cabo de S. Vicente at sunset was quite spectacular and emotional!

But what you take from this journey is the people you have met along the way and the experiences you share. Every single person had a different motivation/reason to be on the trail and it is amazing to share these experiences. Stop! Say hi! Have a chat (over a coffee ideally)! Keep in touch! 

Nice to have shared the road with Geert, Keneth, Jasper, Rabia and to have met Ben, Sean and Michael. 

Random thoughts: 

How many times and parts is it possible to break in a Tailfin?

I have cycled through really amazing places and I just wanted to look back and try to memorise every single detail! But just like in life, eventually you need to look forward otherwise you will crash.

Metal wires and cable ties can fix 99% of your problems. 

I had really warm days! The heat during climbings felt like AC/DC and Led Zepellin were merging songs because it felt like a Stairway to Hell.

So warm… Spanish heat … melt but with saddle. 

Starting to think that inner tubes are more important than food.

Just like the EDT, life is made of ups and downs. So, enjoy the descents! 😅


Joao’s trip in pictures

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