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Name: Kai Nagel

Residence: Germany

Year of birth: 1992

Bike: Brother Mehteh

Riding period: 8th May – 14th July 2023

Most favourite part:

Portugal and Spain. I really enjoyed the long stretches of beautiful gravel roads bedded in an entertaining landscape full of demanding climbs, magnificent views and swooping descents. And on top of that you get great coffee and tasty food in every village (apart from siesta-time).

Also the Vosges. Again nice trails, fantastic boulangeries & tartes flambés.

Riding through the Lüneburger Heide at dusk to reach home in Hamburg just after midnight

Random thoughts: 

„This way? Seriously!?“ – then check the reversed track with the original track.

„This is really stupid.“ 

„This is really beautiful.“

and repeat..

„The trail is never what you expect it to be.“

A thank you to all the fellow EDT riders whom I met on route or on instagram. I really enjoyed the exchanges. 

And a special thank you to Thomas for being great company on the northern stretch through Sweden, Finland and Norway. Fighting the moustiques would have not been as fun without you.


Kai’s trip in pictures

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