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Christophe Bruglemans 

Residence: Belgium

Bike: Kona Sutra ULTD 2021

Riding period: August 6th – October 29th (2022)

Most favourite part:

I really enjoyed the endless good gravel trails and freedom of Sweden. The long stretches of riding through the woods without encountering anyone else really allowed me to wander off into my own thoughts about the past, present and future ending up in a sort of meditative state where time and kilometers flew by. Another highlight for me was the sunset beach-riding in Denmark enjoying the openness of the beach and sea after all the forests of Sweden. I also very much enjoyed the challenging but beautiful and fun riding in the Vosges and Jura in France. I was surprised how much I still discovered here with France being a country I thought I already knew pretty well. And last but not least the beautiful mountain ranges of Spain with the Sierra Cazorla as one of the the most wonderful landscapes of the whole trail. 

Random thoughts: 

‘I have to go south fast because the next country will have less rain and more sun’ (In every country)

‘My shoes are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do’ (Everytime riding was not possible)

‘Damn that looks tough’ (Before a lot of steep gravel tracks)

‘Never surrender!’ (During every steep hill I rode up), 

‘I think my hart is going to explode’(Following the previous)

‘How can I eat more?’

‘I love (the smell of) the sea’

‘What are camels doing here?’ (At 1200m in the Jura)

‘Those people were really nice’ (A lot of times)

‘I want to come here again some day’ (At a lot of places)

‘Now I deserve a beer’ (After finishing the trail)

Strangers make great friends.


Christophe’s trips in pictures

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