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Name: Joren Kruit

Residence: The Netherlands

Year of Birth: 1991

Bike: Canyon Grand Canyon 8

Riding period: May, 6th to July, 31st (2022)

Most favourite part: Most definitely Spain. I loved the centuries old hiking trails between the small towns around Aracena. Las Sierras de Cazorla are beautiful too, just like the mountains around Teruel and Aliaga. Actually, I found all the mountain ranges of Spain in the EDT amazing. The landscape seems to change every half an hour. A good second place for the Jura and Vosges in France. They were lush green compared to the Spanish mountains, and had some nice challenging trails with technical riding.

Random thoughts: 

‘I love water, I love water so much.’ (in the South)
‘Every kilometer I cycle today, I don’t have to cycle tomorrow.’ (in Sweden)
‘I don’t think in breakfast-lunch-dinner anymore, I just eat. A lot.’ (Everywhere)


Joren’s trip in pictures

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