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Name: Leona Kringe

Residence: Germany

Year of Birth: 

Bike: Bombtrack Beyond

Riding period: May 2022 to June 2022

Most favourite part: Portugal, Spain & France. Especially Sierra de Segura & Montanas Vacias – so definitely the regions with an high amount of climbing. Would have preferred to ride the whole southern section back to Portugal instead of riding flat up north 😉 

Random thoughts: 

Always two coffees, one for the bike, at least also one for me. Step by step. Wile descending, can we go up & climbing again? 

Step by step. 1/2 kg Ice cream for breakfast is possible (as long as its hot enough). 

40k before breakfast can be a very long time (while riding the European Divide Trail). 

Its never over until its really over.

Never underestimate the trail – it will show up its trickiness twice again. 

& Du kannst alles werden, was Du willst. Alles? Ja, alles. Und allen voran ganz besonders: Du selbst.


Leona’s trip in pictures

3 thoughts on “FINISHER #3”

  1. Just excellent. Congrats on finishing! Would love to hear abt some of the details on both the planning as well as the journey itself (supply points? wild camping experiences in different countries? Is flying to Kirkenes really the only option or can it be avoided? etc.)

  2. Whaou well done. I will start it end of march any advise? I have cycled a lot on roads up to 12000km in a year camping. got my first mountain bike a year ago.. practiced a lot but still a beginner
    Any south section to avoid because too technically difficult. Between Faro and France??? I am 64 secaord riseup

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